Our Thermal Privacy Wall is available exclusively to our Insullite Approved Installers and has been specifically designed to complement the installation of an Insullite Warm Roof System, this means that the Thermal Privacy Wall cannot be purchased as a stand-alone product and must be ordered alongside a warm roof system.

The privacy wall would usually be installed on the side of your conservatory which is closest to the fence or boundary. The wall is externally clad with UPVC matched to your existing conservatory frames. We then plaster skim the wall internally giving you the option of a flush finish.

The wall is insulated with the latest in lightweight insulation. This ensures the wall has the exceptional thermal performance to match the tiled conservatory roof. We also use external ventilation and a vapour control layer, meaning the new privacy wall will stay condensation free.

A conservatory conversion can be the perfect way to create a stylish living space, fun playroom for the children or even a contemporary workspace with amazing natural light. The newly created wall can offer endless possibilities giving you the opportunity to hang artwork or pictures.

Insullite offer a range of options to help you to bespoke build tailor a new conservatory conversion.